In a wide range around Lierop, Green Specialties had selected the best plots. At the moment, we grow vegetables on more than 150 hectare. We indulge that plots. They are literally and figuratively the basis for our cultivation. That is why we work on all these plots with crop rotation and sometimes we do not use the plots at all to give them some rest. All of our ground treatments are focused on having the ground perfect in balance to deliver you finally the tastiest vegetables.

We prepare the ground so that we can sow with as least as possible extra treatments. In that way, we can make optimal use of the organic materials in the ground. Besides that, we use fertilizers to further optimize the growing of the vegetables. We definitely do not use our plots at the same moment. We deploy our good drained higher grounds namely at the beginning and the end of the season, when it rains hard sometimes. The heavier, more humid grounds will namely be used in the summer.

We keep making choices for grounds and crops that take care of a good harvest on short term and are the best for our risk-spreading because of extreme weather on the long term. We search for that balance and we always find it. During autumn, many plots will be sowed with green manures. The remainder of the minerals that are still in the soil will be absorbed by the plants and those give them off at the new crops in the spring.

We are not able to cultivate in the winter months. Then, Green Specialties buys her quality vegetables by colleagues in warmer areas. We definitely do not only look at the quality of the products then. We also require from our suppliers that they treat their ground on the same sustainable and respectful way.


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