Our products

Our products

Green Specialties grows vegetables in the open field. This covers leafy vegetables as spinach, rucola and the entire range of baby leaf variants. The product range is getting more and more extended. In recent years, we namely do that with herbs and cabbages, which are harvested here as leaf

We select the vegetables on form, colour and taste. By combining the lettuces with edible flowers, we make very attractive baby leaf mixes, which find their way to the hospitality and retail in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All our products are grown under 'on the way to Planet Proof' requirements. Hereby, the vegetables become both sustainable and tasty.

Quality is the guideline in our company. This already begins with the soil analyses. Based on that, we fertilize the ground so that exactly the right nutrients are available. Then Green Specialties chooses to give the seeds (and therefore also the plants) the space they need. In that way, they can take full advantage of the sun and there will grow a healthy leaf that we can harvest.

During growing, rest is the guideline. During harvesting, speed is particularly the point of view. In the early morning, when the structure and taste of the leafy vegetables are at best, we will start harvesting. The harvested baby leaf goes as quickly as possible to a refrigerated space now and is being inspected, washed, packed and collected on pallets. What was on the field at 6 o’clock in the morning, leaves the loading dock of Green Specialties in the afternoon.


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